“Go Woke, Go Broke” and the Right’s Antipathy To Empathy

Conservatives have a long history of couching their cruel policies in bubbly branding. It was the right’s self-proclaimed “Moral Majority” that launched the war on drugs, ostracized AIDS patients, and demonized black women. It was “compassionate conservatism” that slashed food assistance, fought women’s rights, and banned same-sex marriage. (Actually, both did all of that and more.)

Branding aside, in all cases conservatives led by the GOP claimed they were enacting policies for the greater good, often leaving out “this will hurt you more than it will hurt me.” But those days are over. Today the right makes no secret of their exclusionary, ignorant ways. Now they loudly, proudly proclaim, “go woke, go broke,” a rhyme scheme that reveals the depths of their disdain for their fellow humans. They have no empathy and brag about it.

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Sessions Going After Legal Pot: Report

The Associated Press cites two sources who say Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to rescind Obama-era laws that let states regulate their own marijuana distribution, meaning that federal authorities may soon have oversight in states where the people voted to legalize recreational weed.

Don’t you just love when “small government” “federalist” Republicans like Sessions go big when it comes to drugs and sex They’re happy to overstep and nullify the people’s voice if it means perpetuating their self-righteous moralism. Monstrous.