We Need an “Era of Good Feelings” II

Remember the “Era of Good Feelings” from elementary history? The Era of Good Feelings was a period between 1815 and 1815, when James Monroe and Democratic-Republican Party trounced Rufus King in the 1816 election, thus ending The Federalist Party’s long run as top dog in American politics. It was the first time one political party took over for another.

Federalists and their allies were pissed, of course, but they let the transition happen, holding back their bitterness for the sake of the country. Everyone wanted the nation to expand. Thus, they were mature and put aside their egos for the greater good.

Americans of that era knew the peaceful transition of power was essential not just to good governance but to the entire American experiment. They knew partisan politics was beside the point.

They had to show the world that our revolution would be maintained. So, rather than peddle conspiracy theories or trying to rain on Monroe’s parade, the Federalists and loser Rufus King bottled up their feelings and went about the business of government. They didn’t criticize the other party; they put on a happy face and did their jobs like adults.

In this era of remakes and sequels, can we get another Era of Good Feelings? No one’s asking you to be happy, folks – please, just pretend, for the sake of the nation.

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