Found in the LOC: 11 Winter Scenes for the Solstice

“Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Frozen ground,” Marjory Collins, 1943

Winter has arrived, and while the days will now get longer, the season’s here to stay for a minute.

To prepare us what’s to come, here are eleven gorgeous winter scenes captured between 1860-1943, including a shot from ICYI favorite Marion Post Wolcott, a few of a frozen-solid Niagara Falls, two showing the eerie, frost-bitten aftermath of the 1912 Equitable Building fire, and a 1901 shot of DC under deep freeze, which is perfect considering we’re currently this close to a government shutdown.

Ch-ch-check out all the frosty shots AFTER THE JUMP.

“Icicles,” Harris and Ewing, 1915-1923:

“Icicles,” Harris and Ewing, 1915-1923:


“Niagara-icicles,” George Stacy, 1860-1865:


“Icicles hanging from roof of house in Woodstock, Vermont,” Marion Post Wolcott, 1940:


“A close view of Table Rock with icicles, Niagara Falls, Ontario,” E & HY Anthony & Co, 1860:


“A close view below Table Rock, with icicles hanging from the rocks above, two men and a tent in the foreground, Horseshoe fall in the distance, Niagara Falls, Ontario,” E & HY Anthony & Co, 1860:

“Niagara in Winter,” unknown, most likely E & HY Anthony & Co.:


“Frozen Fountain and Capitol, Washington DC,” American Stereoscopic Company, 1900-1910:


“Equitable fire ruins, B’way & Cedar St.,” Irving Underhill, 1912:


“Frozen fire apparatus, Equitable fire,” Bain News Service, 1912:

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